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What are Clear Aligners and Why are they Best for Adults?

Are you thinking about getting your teeth straightened? Do you shudder at the thought of getting a mouthful of bulky, unsettling metal? Traditional braces can be an excellent pick for straightening one’s teeth and it could be the only alternative for people, but there are some drawbacks. Someone who has worn traditional braces knows how painful and humiliating they can be, as well as how challenging they are to care for and stay clean. The great news is that your options have expanded! Clear aligners are among the most popular options for dentition straightening.


What are Clear Aligners?

The American Dental Association states that clear aligners can even be made out of plastic or acrylics. These aligners are custom-made to suit your teeth, so each pair is worn for 2 to 4 weeks before being replaced with a new set to complete your treatment. Each subsequent pair is gently altered so that your teeth gradually shift towards the correct place. The entire procedure takes around a year on average, although it might be shorter or longer based on the amount of therapy required.

clear braces

Metal braces, transparent aligners, as well as ceramic braces are being used by orthodontists to correct teeth. Of course, metal-ceramic braces might not be quite as aesthetically pleasing as clear aligners. Invisalign is among the most well-known transparent aligner manufacturers, as well as certain orthodontists are Invisalign providers.

5 Reasons Why Clear Aligners are Best for Adults

Today, we’ll look at why transparent aligners are a superior choice for teeth straightening therapy.

Almost imperceptible

Many individuals overthink how their look may alter when they receive braces. They may be embarrassed to smile or mingle as often as they used to. As a result, individuals may have poor self-esteem and confidence.

One of the most significant advantages of transparent aligners is that they are almost undetectable. It’s unlikely that anyone will notice you’re wearing them. That implies you may grin, joke, and mingle without feeling self-conscious about your braces.

While younger individuals may be wary of braces, adults are frequently in the same boat. Whether they use transparent aligners, they might feel more at ease when meeting clients, interacting with customers or presenting presentations at business. Check out the dental care treatments at affordable prices with Odental.

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No Food Restrictions

Whenever it comes to eating, metal braces are notorious for being restricting. Firm or chewy sweets, popcorn, some vegetables, nuts, chewing gum, as well as chips are examples of prohibited foods. An orthodontist would also advise you to minimize your sugar intake.

Invisalign does not have these limitations since transparent aligners must be removed while eating and drinking. You wash your teeth after finishing your meal before putting it back on your clear aligners. This means you’ll rarely give up your favorite meals!

Accessible to Almost Everyone

Of course, it is preferable to have your teeth straightened when you are younger, but when you’re an adult, you still have time.

An orthodontist may offer this therapy to children as well as older individuals, implying that clear aligners can serve people of all ages. However, take in mind that certain people may not be candidates for clear aligners.

Your orthodontist can advise you on the best time to receive braces and offer suggestions depending on your age plus the ability to care for your dental health. So, if you’re an adult, don’t ever be shy; you still have time to have a gorgeous grin!

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Correcting Dental Problems

Despite all of the benefits of wearing transparent aligners, you may wonder if they are as successful as their metal counterparts. According to research, both transparent aligners, as well as metal braces, as well as metal braces are effective in addressing the majority of dental issues. If your teeth require extensive treatment, an orthodontist will advise you on the best course of action.

You, as the patient, have a substantial impact on the success and duration of your therapy. If you use Invisalign, you should try to take off the plates for as little time as possible because not wearing your clear aligners for about 19-22 hrs each day may cause the treatment to be altered.

Those who use clear aligners have always been pleased with the outcomes. Those who even have a shorter treatment period than people who wear metal braces. Of course, this is dependent on the severity of your tooth misalignment.

Cleaning Ease

Cavities and other dental issues are the last things you would like to deal with while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Many who use metal braces must pay special attention to their dental hygiene routine, which can be time-consuming. In conjunction with your toothbrush, maintaining braces may necessitate the use of floss, interdental cleaners, plus oral spraying devices.

Clear aligners, on the other side, are significantly easier to keep clean. Your oral hygiene practice remains consistent since you eliminate them to clean your teeth. Remember to wash your aligners before reintroducing them inside your mouth. Flossing is also an excellent idea.

Reasons Why Patients Prefer Clear Aligners Instead of Braces


When compared to conventional braces, clear aligners such as  Invisalign are nearly unnoticeable.

There will be no more metal lips, train track teeth, and brace face. Invisalign aligners, with exception of traditional fixed braces, do not use wires or metal brackets. Instead, they regulate the time and amount of mobility per aligner based on your specific treatment plan. Because of its invisibility, Invisalign is among the most discreet teeth straightening choices for adult (or teen) clients who choose not to emphasize the fact that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment.


Traditional metal braces are fixed onto your teeth, whereas clear aligners are completely removable. Also learn how to fix the teeth gaps problems.


Thus if you’ve ever worn braces, then remember how you would have to be careful about the things you ate since they weren’t braces-friendly. Traditional metal braces, unlike transparent aligners, can only be changed by a dentist or orthodontist. Of course, the goal is to straighten your teeth, which will not happen if you do not wear the aligners, but it is useful to be able to remove them as necessary, such as when dining, flossing or cleaning your teeth.

Brushing and flossing is another thing that makes it a little more difficult with metal braces. No trouble at all with clear aligners!

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